FRC Call for Papers 2015 #1:

  1. Papers are solicited from, but not limited to the following topics:
  2. Regulation of financial markets and institutions
  3. Measurement and control of systemic risk
  4. Financial Risk Management (VAR, etc.)
  5. Investment and Portfolio Allocation (Efficient Markets, CAPM, Value Investing,  etc.)
  6. Derivatives valuation (Black and Scholes and alternative approaches, risk neutral and market consistent valuation)

The above list is just indicative. The editors, welcomes thought provoking papers. The following types of papers are considered for publication:

  • Original articles in theoretic or applied research
  • Critical reviews, surveys, opinions, commentaries and essays.

Paper Submission Procedure:

  • Papers must be written in English. Unfinished drafts and extended abstracts will not be considered. Each paper should contain an abstract and provide the complete affiliation and contact information of each author.
  • Prepare 2 files in pdf format: 1) An anonymous version of the paper (the complete paper without the name(s) of the author(s), without the acknowledgements and without any indication about the author’s affiliation); 2) A complete version of the paper including the following information : title, name(s) of the author(s), abstract, keywords, email address for each author, complete address(es)
  • The abstract you will provide must be limited to 150 words.
  • To complete your submission you will have to classify your paper according to a list of keyword.
  • Authors are invited to electronically submit papers (PDF format) to by January 15, 2015.